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Outline of activities

2 September - Settling-in week.  Talk about the summer holidays. Continue our topic about Other Countries.

Friday 6 September – Nursery closed – racing day


9 September - September is Fire & Safety month.  Talk and discuss the importance of fire safety.  Arts and crafts, stories and music. 


Friday 13 September a visit from the local Fire Service – including viewing a fire engine.  

16 & 23 September - Autumn.  Includes leaf printing, painting and rubbings.  Nature walks to collect leaves and fir cones.  


30 September - Prepare for Grandparents’ visits on Thursday 3 October from 11-12 noon. Celebrate National Poetry Day. 

Friday 4 October - Nursery closed – racing day


7 & 14 October - Plant bulbs for Christmas presents - discuss how things grow, continue with our topic work and, weather permitting, more nature walks to see the Autumn changes in the world about us.


21 October - Apple week 

28 October - Prepare for and celebrate Halloween (31st) - cut out pumpkins grown in our own garden, painting, sticking, Meg and Mog stories etc.


4 November - Prepare for Bonfire night (5th) - talk about safety on bonfire night, bonfire pictures, rocket sweets and the Topsy & Tim bonfire night story

11 November - Poppy Day/Remembrance Day, children to make poppies talk about Remembrance.

Wednesday 13 November - 1.30pm Parents Open afternoon.


18 November - Begin Christmas activities and projects.

Friday 22 November – Nursery closed - racing day


25 November - continue Christmas projects . American Thanksgiving Day (28th) 30th St Andrew’s day - a Scottish celebration, wall display, make shortbread.


Monday 2 December -  Continue Nativity play preparations. Rehearsal at the Jockeys' Hostel. 9am drop off at Hostel, pick up from Nursery.


Thursday 5 December am - Nativity play.  9am drop off at the Jockeys' Hostel. Parents and family - doors open 10.50am, play starts at 11am prompt. All children to leave with parents. No Lunch club or afternoon nursery session.

Friday 6 December - Nursery as usual.


9 December - Christmas cooking projects. 


Tuesday 17 December - Nursery Christmas Party for all children.  Drop off at Jockeys' Hostel at 10am, pick up from the Hostel at 12 noon. There will be an entertainer, party foods and a visit from Father Christmas.

Please see Mrs Evitt regarding any food allergies or dietary restrictions. No Lunch club or afternoon nursery session.


Wednesday 18 December - 12.30pm end of term. 

Nursery closes for the Christmas and New Year holidays.


Monday 6 January 2020

Nursery re-opens at 9am for the Spring term