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Useful information

Bits and pieces that we hope you find helpful.  More will be added.  Let us know if you think of something to put on this page.

Where do I park when we start at Nursery?
Please remember to park in the designated parking areas (either at the police station side of the nursery - or the opposite end of the grounds by the entrance gate). Parents' cars must not be parked in front of the houses or on the roadway.  Please be mindful of our little ones when parking and avoid driving past the nursery house at home times.

What clothes should my child wear to Nursery?
Please dress your child in comfortable clothes that make it easy for them when they go to the bathroom.  You may like to send a small bag with a spare change of clothes - although we do have emergency supplies in the airing cupboard. 

Please make sure all clothes and belongs are clearly labelled with your child's name. Information about label suppliers is available on request.

Can my child bring their own toys to Nursery?
Your child may bring a favourite toy or blanket to Nursery when they first join us (please make sure it is labelled with the child's name - so we don't misplace anything precious!).  However, apart from items for 'Show and Tell' - please encourage your child to leave their own toys at home.

What is the nursery's food hygiene rating?

Food hygiene ratingThe nursery school was awarded a 5-star rating in November 2015.

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