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Here are a selection of comments made by parents:

"Having arrived at Ascot Nursery School so nervous leaving my little girl for the first time, I now drop her off with a big smile on my face. It is the most comforting and lovely nursery, which really feels like you are dropping your child off with family members (it helps that the nursery is a house). My daughter has flourished into a confident, polite and kind little person who loves making friends. I do believe that Mrs Evitt and all of the wonderful teachers have played a big part in this. Sadly my daughter is now leaving nursery to start at 'big school' but what a lovely start for a happy life."

“After many months of looking at nursery schools and still not finding one we liked, someone recommended you and I fell in love with the Nursery straight away.”

"Ascot Nursery school is everything we wanted from a nursery for our little boy and so much more.  The nursery school is "outstanding" without a doubt and you all must be very proud of what you have achieved."

"Thank you, the warmth and care that your staff show towards the children and their parents is exceptional ... we regard ourselves as very lucky to have found such a wonderful start to our child's education at Ascot Nursery."

“When the children are collected they are all very happy and excited about their day, it is a wonderful thing to see.  We honestly do not think it can be improved upon.”

"Thank you for your help in making the decision to keep our son at nursery for an extra term or two and not sending him to primary school as a very young 4 year old.  He is benefiting so much ... we have noticed a huge change in him - his development and confidence.  We are very certain that this will be an advantage for his successful transition to school after Easter."

“Thank you for a Nursery school that gives me complete peace of mind when I leave my children.  Well done!”

In a recent Parent Feedback Survey  we discovered that over two thirds of the current parents chose Ascot Nursery School because of a recommendation.  We were thrilled to discover that all who participated in the survey would recommend the school to others.  

Our most recent Ofsted inspection took place in July 2015.  Click here to find out more.

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